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South Africa To Appear Before the ICC to Account For Failing To Arrest President Al Bashir

It was released on 30 March 2017 that in early April, South Africa will have to appear before the Pre-Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court to defend the decision not to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in 2015. 

In 2016, the ICC invited South Africa to make statement in its defense as to why the Court should not make a finding of non-compliance. The hearing, which will take place in The Hague, will determine:

  • "Whether South Africa failed to comply with its obligation under the Rome Statute by not arresting and surrendering President Omar Al Bashir to the ICC while he was on South African territory despite having received a request by the Court for his arrest and surrender; and if so
  • "Whether a finding of non-compliance by South Africa and referral of the matter to the Assembly of State Parties to the Rome Statute and/or the United Nations Security Council, are warranted."

This article was originally posted by Southern Africa Litigation Center on 30 March 2017