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Canada's Bid For UN Security Council Seat Could Mean Costly Campaign

There are two seats available in the Western European and Others Group (WEOG) for seats on the Security Council. Starting in January 2018, five new countries will begin their 5-year term as non-permanent members. Ireland, Norway, and Canada are currently competing for open seats in the WEOG for 2021, which could potentially cost millions of dollars.

It is hard to say exactly how much this will cost, but "whatever the number is that they're admitting to, you can be certain it is [many] times more," says William Pace, the executive director of the World Federalist Movement, which advocates for more transparent elections at the UN. By its government's own estimates, Canada is on track to spend millions after having spent $500,000 already. These estimates do not take into account how much it would cost to staff a mission in New York City.

Either way, since voting is done by a secret ballot there is no way to tell if Canada's efforts will pay off. However, Canada announced its intent to pursue that seat in 2016 so it is clear that the North American state takes its efforts seriously and will continue to work towards the end goal of being a member on the Security Council.

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