International Law and Human Rights

International Law and Human Rights

The Issue

In order for the credible implementation of a world order capable of maintaining peace, an international system of law and justice is required that protects universal human rights and regulates relations, policies, and disputes between nations. Despite the mechanisms and treaties put in place by the international community following the large-scale human rights abuses of World War II, the 20th century continued to endure devastating wars and consequent atrocities. Strengthening universal international laws that prohibit such crimes are the only sustainable means of deterring future atrocities and conferring justice upon victims.

Our Role

CDIL works with other organizations on promoting the ratification and strengthening of international human rights conventions. CDIL participated on the NGO steering committee preparing for the World Conference on Human Rights. CDIL supports efforts to increase the application of international law to individuals and extend legal standing to individuals and communities.

Our Projects

United Nations Decade of International Law (UNDIL): CDIL had specific research and development projects promoting UNDIL, especially efforts to strengthen and enhance the role of the World Court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Global Structures Convocation III: Human Rights, Global Governance and the U.N. Charter. CDIL was a sponsor and active in developing and organizing the 1994 convocation which involved hundreds of organizations that prepared proposals for negotiations during the 1995 50th anniversary of the United Nations.

NAM-ICJ: CDIL continues to support progressive initiatives of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM), in particular the UNDIL and efforts to strengthen and reform the ICJ.

Key Documents

Draft letter to European Parliament Inquiry Committee regarding national government´s abuses of refugees and migrantsJuly 2018

Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (Final draft)11 July 2018